1) The new AROI member list was approved in GBM. Proposed by Dr. Srinivasan and seconded by Dr. Suresh Kumar.

2) The institutes for ICRO teaching programs were approved by GB for the year 2019.

3) It was brought to the notice of the house that, Post PG ICRO programs that were previously sponsored by Dr. Reddy Labs would no longer be available. From this year DRL would not be sponsoring. The General body has been informed by the president that they are in talks with Accuray for sponsoring this program.

4) Best of ASTRO to be continued.

5) ESTRO Teaching Courses to be continued.

6) ESTRO-Gyn. Workshops to be continued.

7) President Dr. Reddy informed that the “Chart rounds India” is running very well and wish to continue for the year 2019. It would be funded and supported by Varian for the year 2019. GB appreciated the initiative and suggested to continue.

8) AROI will be partnering with the “Choosing Wisely” Initiative along with other Oncology associations – ISO, ISMPO, IASO. Proposed by Dr. Vijay Anand Reddy, seconded by Dr. Ramesh Bilimaga.

9) The finance report was presented by the general secretary and approved by GBM (Proposed by Dr. Srinivasan and seconded by Dr. Bhowmik).

10) Dr. Rakesh Kapoor proposed that AROI to become a member of the Non-Communicable Diseases Federation, the fees for which will be Rs. 10,000/-, lifetime Institutional membership. Accepted by EC and General body. Seconded by Dr. Vijay Anand Reddy.

11) Dr. Kishore Singh submitted that he needs more funding for publishing the Journal. He has asked for an increase in funding from 12 Lakhs to 32 Lakhs. The EC felt that it would be difficult to arrange 32 Lakhs per year and asked the editor JCRT to look for avenues to raise money and also to cut down the prints of the publication.

12) Dr. Vijay Anand Reddy’s proposal to increase the yearly subscription towards the JCRT fees to Rs 25,000 from each state chapter was discussed and rejected by the house. The subscription would remain Rs 15,000/- for now per annum. All the State Chapters are requested to remit the subscription fee immediately.

13) The GBM decided to amend the bylaws regarding removing the facilities provided to past orators and also to clearly mention the facilities to be provided to the invited faculty. It was decided to put up the changes on the website for members to review and comment, & based on this the next GBM will ratify the changes, check the website. Regards to who constitutes faculty i.e. whether chairpersons, panelists, and speakers are all considered as faculty? The house suggested that only the speakers to be considered as faculty and only local transport and accommodation would be provided by the organizers to them.

14) Dr. Vijay Anand Reddy President AROI proposed the following – Creation of some working Committee groups to have more dedicated members working for the AROI and focus on specific issues and help the Central body.

  • Clinical affairs and Quality Control Sub Committee – Chair & Vice Chair
  • Educational Sub Committee – Chair & Vice Chair
  • Relations Council – Chair & Vice Chair
  • Scientific Council – Chair & Vice Chair
  • Financial Committee – Chair & Vice Chair
  • International relations for ASTRO, for ESTRO, for FARO – Chair & Vice Chair
  • Re-designate the immediate past President AROI as Chair AROI. The Chair AROI would be the same as the immediate past President as per the Constitution & ByLaws. It is just the change of name. The Chair AROI would perceive the initiatives initiated during his tenure with the assistance of the executive body and would assist the President, Secretary AROI in the AROI activities. Proposed by Dr. Rajesh Vashistha and seconded by Dr. Manoj Gupta.

The Executive Committee has agreed for the above suggestions and the GB has unanimously agreed to re-organise the existing committees to help the central committee in functioning more effectively.

All the above councils will be nominated by the President & Secretary of AROI.

Proposed by Dr. Vijay Anand Reddy and seconded by Dr. Rajesh Vashistha and Dr. Manoj Gupta.

15) The Executive Committee shall meet at least thrice a year in any of the AROI academic meetings. The host of the academic meeting shall bear all the costs of their travel and local hospitality. Proposed by Dr Vijay Anand Reddy seconded by Dr. Kishore Singh. Agreed by the General body.

16) It was proposed by Dr. Vijay Anand Reddy to increase the fund to be given to AROI central by the Organisers of AROICON after the conference from 10 Lakhs to 20 Lakhs. This was accepted by GBM and would come into effect from AROICON 2020 conference. Unanimously accepted by GB.

17) It was decided to have AROI outreach programs with other professional bodies if there is no financial obligation on AROI. Proposed by Dr. Vijay Anand Reddy and seconded by Dr. Manoj Gupta. Ratified by General body.

18) It was proposed by Dr. Vijay Anand Reddy to allow Observership programs in India for international students through AROI. The EC approved and suggested that the AROI website have a link to details of institutions, facilities available, and fees if any to be paid by the candidate.

19) It was proposed to have one female EC member to be designated as a female representative. The GBM agreed to nominate one female representative in the executive committee if there are no female representatives in the committee.

20) It was decided in the GBM to provide financial assistance to members who are presenting papers in major international conferences (ASTRO, ESTRO, FARO & ABS). It was decided to support 5 members a year in this regard after selection by the scientific committee. The assistance will be Rs 20,000 per member, in total Rs 1 Lakh a year. Proposed by Dr. Vijay Anand Reddy, seconded by Dr. Rajesh Vashistha.

21) Dr. Suresh Kumar & Dr. Sabari, Kerala Chapter have raised concerns about the MD “Radiotherapy” Nomenclature being changed to “Radiation Oncology”. They were proposing to re-change it to MD “Clinical Oncology”.

Dr. Vijay Anand Reddy, President AROI explained in detail that it is discussed several times in the past GBMs and a resolution was passed in this regard. Subsequently, The AROI Central body has written to the MCI to change the MD Radiotherapy Nomenclature to MD (Radiation Oncology). It was also communicated to them that it is the AROI General Body resolution. Now after so much of persuasion the Nomenclature is changed and gazetted too. Dr. Vijay Anand Reddy has requested Dr Suresh Kumar & Dr Sabari not to be apprehensive about MD (Radiation Oncology) nomenclature and it is good for the years to come. He has also requested them not to create further confusion in the Court or at MCI.

22) Introduction of DM (Radiation Oncology) Courses in H&N & Urogenital – Dr Suresh Kumar & Dr Sabari raised Concerns about the Super Specialities Courses in Radiation Oncology. Dr. Vijay Anand Reddy has clarified their apprehensives and explained the need to have such courses in our Country in the interest of Radiation oncology community and improve the patient care classing boxing coach. He has also made them aware that it was discussed in General Body meeting at Bangalore and the mandate was to go ahead with DM proposals, which was proposed by Dr Ramesh Bilimaga, seconded by Dr Kishore Singh.

The proposals were already sent to MCI after the General Body meeting at Bangalore. The proposals were positively considered by MCI and the academic Council has formally approved the DM (Radiation Oncology) Course and was sent for fine-tuning the Syllabus. Dr. Reddy has assured that it will be perceived further seriously by the new AROI Executive Committee and it would be done once the new MCI board starts functioning.

23) Establishment of district Cancer Centres: EC has agreed that AROI Central body would represent and recommend to the Govt. Ratified by GB.

24) Fellowship program in community Oncology, Fellowship in Comprehensive Palliative Care, Fellowship in Cancer Research: EC has agreed that AROI Central body would represent and recommend to the Govt. Ratified by GB.

25) Half-day Clinical trial course to be introduced in the annual AROI meeting. Proposed by Dr. Vijay Anand Reddy. Seconded by Dr. Pooja.

26) The GBM has unanimously agreed to give AROI-CON 2020 to the North Zone Chapter of AROI to host. Host Institute will be Safdarjung Hospital, New Delhi.

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