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The AROI attaches a very high importance to the academic & research activities in Radiation Oncology with its related disciplines. To improve the overall standards of post-graduate teaching, clinical practice and adequate growth of this discipline the Indian College of Radiation Oncologists was established as a dedicated and integral part of the Association in 1992.


Aims & Vision of AROI

Radiation has been in use for the treatment of diseases for more than 100 years. A common platform of Radiology Association was active till 1977. When a bunch of radiation oncologists decided to form 'our own association'. This gave birth to 'Association of Radiation Oncologists of India (AROI)' Read More




Minutes of the Executive Body Meeting held on Saturday, May 22, 2021 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM (IST).

The meeting started by Dr Giri, Secretary with permission of the President AROI

1. Obituary was paid by the EC to Dr. Sudhir Bargava, Dr. K Subramanyam and Dr. Kamble by observing silence. The Committee expresses solidarity with family members of the deceased and a letter will be sent to the family.

2. Dr Srinivasan updated the EC that teaching programs of ICRO will be held as webinars:- 2 AROI-ICRO SUN PG teaching course 1 AROI-ICRO IINTAS Radiobiology Course 1 AROI-ICROPRODVANCE

Dr Vashishtha asked Dr Srinivasan to conduct 3 AROI-ICRO SUN PG teaching courses. Dr. Srinivasan agrees to do so. The ESTRO AROI program is also postponed for 1 year on request by Dr Shantanu Pal & local organizers. Same information send to ESTRO.

3. Payment of GST on every earning and hence to increase the membership fee to include the GST i.e. Rs 6500 + GST, EC approved.

4. .The GBM allows only 12 Lakhs per annum towards the publication of the Journal; however a payment of Rs 24 lakhs has had to be made for the year 2020-21. All chapters are requested to pay the Journal fee at the earliest.
North East & west Bengal chapter have paid Rs. 30,000/- for this year Journal contribution. For further support we will discuss with vendors of Radiotherapy Equipments.

5. In view of the prevailing covid situation, 42nd AROICON to have been held in Delhi this year to be postponed by 1 year. No virtual AROI meeting EC approved. GBM cannot be held hence the EC will be empowered to take decisions on behalf of the association and will be circulated to all members by mail. 42nd AROICON depends on the 3rd ICC,if held in 2022 then AROICON in Delhi in 2023 otherwise in 2022.

6. The present executive committee to be continue next year. Elections to be held next year 2022.Dr Shanatanu Pal suggested that a circular to be issued so that state chapters also can continue their Executive and hold elections next year & EC approved

7. AROI WEBSITE upgrade was appreciated. Dr vashistha requested the members to send any suggestions needed by mail, in the format sent.

8. Executive Committee to sensitize the GOI regarding the postings of Radiation Oncology PGs during this covid crisis. (A number of letters by PGs have been received that PGs are being posted in inappropriate areas and would the AROI get involved and write to the GOI regarding this).
The EC agreed that a letter to be sent to UP government requesting them not to post RT PG's in peripheral centers and they can be better utilized in oncology centers.

9. AROI Fellowships extended by 1 year to June 2022.

10. The decision of the EC will be circulated to the members by Newsletter.




Download - FICRO Application Form & Instructions 2021

Download - FICRO Application Form & Instructions 2021