Association of Radiation Oncologists of India

Radiation has been in use for the treatment of diseases for more than 100 years. A common platform of Radiology Association was active till 1977. When a bunch of radiation oncologists decided to form ‘our own association’. This gave birth to ‘Association of Radiation Oncologists of India (AROI)’ and opening conference of was held at Nagpurin 1978. Last year the association has completed 43 glorious years of existence. During this journey we have grown up from a handful of founder members to a strong force of > 4000.

The AROI has been carved out from Radiology with the vision to further the interest of radiation oncologists, create the environment and provide means to enhance their skills and promote excellence in the field of radiation oncology. It strives to keep up with latest technology and facilitate dissemination of this knowledge among members.

The AROI has been at the forefront to protect the interest, take care of the needs and aspirations of radiation oncologists of India. The aims of AROI are: facilitate dissemination of this knowledge among members.

  1. To represent members in a coordinate approach at all levels of Government (local, state and central) in a fair and transparent manner

  2. To communicate and represent at other organisations, conferences both in and outside the country

  3. Act as a representative body in the matters of interest to members

  4. To ensure safety of members interest by working with national agencies to drive changes when necessary

  5. To encourage and advance the knowledge of recent advances in the field of cancer

  6. To provide a platformfor research on problems related to practice of radiation oncology

  7. To promote exchange of knowledge among members and provide support to enhance their skill level

  8. To educate younger radiation oncologists about practice of modern radiation oncology

  9. To run continuing medical education across the country to update members

  10. To provide a forum for interaction between industry and users