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Best Papers

Remembering our Stalwart

All time frames for the age limit to be taken as on ‘last day of the conference year’ i.e. for 2017 Conference the age limit to be reckoned from 31.12.2017.

All applicants should personally be present at the AROI annual conference where the fellowships are awarded. The fellowships will not be awarded in absent (The radiotherapy -RTT are exempted for this criterion).

Candidates will not be eligible for another AROI fellowship for minimum of ten years after anyone fellowships has been awarded.

Duration of fellowship:

The duration is generally for 3-4 weeks not to be combined ‘FELLOWSHIPS FROM 2008 ONWARDS. Prescripts (83) with other fellowships and the candidate should return to India after the fellowship is concluded. The place may preferably be selected in USA or Europe. It is mandatory that the fellowship should complete before the next AROI annual conference for ‘fellowship’ of that year.

General Eligibility Criteria:

  • Life member of AROI.
  • MD, DNB (radiotherapy) or equivalent degree.
  • Full time practicing in Radiation Oncology.
  • Preference given to candidates who were attending the AROI conference regularly.
  • Candidates will not be eligible for another AROI fellowship for 10 year after any one fellowship has been awarded.


How to apply:

  • Applications will be invited along with other fellowships, by the Secretary General prior to the annual conference of AROI.
  • The applicant should submit a letter from his/her, Head of the Institution / Head of the Department accepting to relieve the candidate, if selected for fellowship.

Selection procedure:

  • Selection will be done through a selection committee appointed by the President and Secretary General of AROI. The committee will generally comprise of President, Secretary General, Past Presidents & Secretaries and any senior member of AROI (minimum five members).
  • The committee will scrutinize the applications and if necessary will hold interviews on shortlisted candidates during the annual conference of AROI.


How to proceed for Fellowships:

  • The successful candidate shall submit a letter of acceptance from the host institution with in 60 days from the award of fellowship. The amount will be relieved by Secretary General upon the receipt of this letter.
  • The amount will be paid to the successful candidate by the Secretary General of AROI. A maximum of 80% of amount will be paid prior to departure and remaining after successful completion of fellowship.
  • The candidate must submit a letter from host institution mentioning successful completion of fellowship. He/she should also submit statement of expenditure during the fellowship. Only the actual expenditure will be paid to the maximum of fellowship amount.
  • Awardees need to submit a report to AROI secretariat
  • The office of AROI will send a copy of the report of fellowship to the sponsor. The report will be published in AROI newsletter.
  • For any reason, if the fellowship could not be initiated before the next AROI annual conference, the fellowship will be cancelled and the candidate will not be eligible for this for next two year and will return the amount paid to him/her.
  • For any dispute or discrepancies, the decision of ‘President AROI’ will be final and binding.


1) Overseas fellowships

A) Age group > 50year : (Rs. 1.5 Lakh per candidate)

No. of Fellowships : 1/2
Eligibility Criteria :

  • Life member of AROI for more than fifteen years.
  • Minimum five scientific paper (on radiotherapy related subject) in peer reviewed index journals.
  • Preference will be given to those who are having 3 years experience of conformal radiation planning.


B) Age group > 41-50 year (AROI-Fellowship) : (Rs. 1.5 Lakh per candidate)

No. of Fellowships : 2/3
Eligibility Criteria :

  • Life member of AROI for minimum of ten year.
  • Minimum five scientific paper (on radiotherapy related subject) in peer reviewed index journals.


C) Age group >  35-40 year (AROI-fellowship): (Rs. 1 Lakh per candidate)

No. of Fellowships : 3/4
Eligibility Criteria :

  • Life member of AROI for minimum of five year.
  • Minimum three scientific paper (on radiotherapy related subject) in peer-reviewed index journals.

2) Fellowships within India at higher centers

A) Age Group > 30-35 year (AROI-Fellowship) Amount Rs 100000/- per candidate.

No. of Fellowship : 4
Eligibility Criteria :

  • Life member of AROI for maximum three years.
  • 2 Preferably minimum of one scientific Paper in peer reviewed index journals or should have presented of paper in previous AROI conferences.


B) Neil joseph fellowships (for P.G. students): 15000/- per candidate.

No. of Fellowship : 6
Eligibility Criteria :

3) AROI- Fellowships for Medical Physicists and Radiotherapy Technologist.

Medical Physicists : (Rs 30000)
No. of Fellowship : 1
Eligibility Criteria :

  • Life member of AROI for minimum 2 years. Age Less than 40 years.
  • Possessing Diploma RP or M.sc. medical physics or equivalent degree.
  • Full time practicing medicals physics in Radiation Oncology department.
  • Preference will be given to candidates having published scientific paper in peer reviewed index journals.

Radiotherapy Technologists : (Rs 10000) No of Fellowship 1

No. of Fellowship : 1
Eligibility Criteria :

  • Age less than 45 years.
  • Fulltime working in radiation oncology department.


1) Best Proffered Paper for senior Members

  • More than 40 year
  • 10 years experience after post graduate degree in Radiation Oncology.


2) Best Proffered Paper for senior Members

  • Less than 40 years
  • 5 years experience after post graduate degree in Radiation Oncology.


1) Dr. G.C. Pant young doctor award
For post MD/DNB up to 40 year of age Candidate will receive silver plaque and 1 month fellowship in India. (Fellowship amount is Rs. 20000 or actual amount of expenditure whichever comes less after completion of fellowship.)

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Life Member of AROI for a minimum of 3 years.
  • Age less than 40 yrs.
  • Applicant should present unpublished work during AROI conference.


2) Best Papers for MD/DNB students:

  • Dr. M S Gujral Gold medal (Medal & Rs. 15000)
  • Dr. M C Pant Gold Medal (Medal & Rs. 7500)

Eligibility Criteria : Age Less than 30 years & Students of MD/DNB degree.

3) Best Paper AWARDED FOR Medical Physicist/Radiation Oncologist with Physics base paper. (Medal & Rs. 7500)

Eligibility Criteria :

  • Applicant should present unpublished work during AROI conference.
  • Age Less than 40 years for medical physicist and radiation Oncologist <35 years with physics work & full time working in Radiation Oncology respectively.

Best paper award application should be sent along with full paper & abstract (Hardcopy by post & Soft copy by email).

Authorization letter for publication in JCRT should be sent along with the paper (if JCRT will not responding for publication within 6 month than candidate free to publish anywhere).

NOTE: All the application for fellowship/ best paper awards with recommendation from head of department/ Institute with no objection certificate (if selected to go for fellowship) should reach to the office of secretary general by 5 PM, August 31st 2015.

(28/01/1936 – 15/06/2002)

Prof. Girish Chandra Pant popular as Girish or Pant, amongst his friends &amp; seniors, completed his MBBS from King George’s Medical College (KGMC), Lucknow in 1960, DMRE in 1962 and MD (Radiology-combined diagnosis &amp; therapy) in 1964. He began his professional career a Assistant Radiotherapist at KGMC in 1964. In 1965 he moved to the Institute of Medical Sciences. Banaras Hindu University &amp; along with Prof. A.D. Singh, was instrumental in building up the Department of Radiotherapy at BHU.

He also took up the task, along with his colleagues there, in starting the courses of DMRD and subsequently MD (Radiotherapy) at BHU. He has been one of the founder members of the Association of Radiation Oncologists of India, founder member of the Indian College of Radiation Oncology and member of the first executive body of AROI. Prof. Pant took up the initiative in organizing the second Annual Conference of AROI at Varanasi in 1978 and has made an important contribution to the growth of the association &amp; the specialty in the country.

Prof. Pant was Dean, faculty of Medicine of Banaras Hindu University and acting Vice-Chancellor of BHU from June 13, 1993 to Dec 13,1993. He retired form active service from BHU on January 31, 1996 &amp; spent his retired life doing voluntary medical and social service at Varanasi.

It is an irony of fate that the man who spent his life fighting against the dreaded disease “Cancer” fell a victim to this very disease. In May 2001, Prof. Pant was diagnosed to be having a brain tumor that subsequently turned out to be Glioblastoma Multiforme of the right frontal lobe of the brain.

He was operated, received chemotherapy and was well for a while. Then again in early 2002, began a down hill course and he breathed his last in the evening of June 15, 2002. Thus came the end to an illustrious career of an excellent medical man who rose to eminence as a direct result of his hard work and who brought excellent fortune to all those who have interacted with him not only his professional capacity but also in his personal life.

DR. M.S. Gujral

President AROI (2000-2002)

Dear Dr. Vashistha

              I am glad to learn that a second edition of AROI Members Directory is being printed. I found the first edition to be of great help. I have to congratulate you on doing a wonderful job in collecting latest information from AROI members. I am hoping that every member cooperates with you in mammoth task so that the directory serves the purpose of facilitating communication with every member.

              I wish you good luck in this endeavor & thank you for your untiring services towards our association.

Dr. M.S. Gujral

Padmashri Prof. Mohan Chand Pant
(11th Oct 1956-13th Aug. 2015)

President of Association of Radiation Oncologists of India (AROI),
Founding Voice Chancellor, Hemwati Nandan Bahuguna Uttarakhand Medical University
Former Director, Ram Manohar Institute of Medical Sciences
Former Head, Radiotherapy Department, C.S.M. Medical University
Formerly King, George Medical College, Lucknow

Prof. Mohan Chand Pant was born on 11th October, 1956 in a traditional Kumauni Brahmin family in village of Kunkoli, Ranikhet (Uttarakhand). He took his primary education in the village school and higher Secondary education in the Mission College at Ranikhet and B.Sc. in 1974 from the K.G. Medical College (Now Medical University) he joined the same Medical College as lecturerin 1985. Trand in K.G. Medical College, Lucknow.

Prof. Pant was honoured and given awards by 15 National and International institutions including in 1999, the prestigious Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy National Award of the Medical Council of India, in the presence of the Prime Minister, Sri. Atal Behari Bajpayee In 2008, he was honored with D.Sc (Hon. Causa) by Kumaun University inn the year of 2008. His all-round excellence and scientific acumen and social contributions in cancer control fructified in the national award of PADAMASHRI. He was awarded Padma Shri by the President of India on 26th January 2008 for his work in community and public edication on common cancers of mouth, lungs, prostate, cervix and uterus.

He was a conscientious gentleman at core with an approach and appearance of a profession who always believed that synergy is the highest activity of life and all activities should lead to elevation of mental, emotional and psychological brilliance for the benefit of society at large.

1992 Dr. P. Vijay Anand Reddy
1993 Dr. L.N Biswas Dr. Rakesh Jalali
1994 Dr. K. Bhattacharya Dr. AS Ramanujam
1995 DR. Rema Jyothirmayi Dr. NR Dutta
1998 Dr. Chander Mohan DR. Udaiveer Panwar
1999 Dr. Bhawana Rai Dr. Rimpa Basu
2005 Dr. Anu Tiwari Dr. Piyush Gupta
2006 Dr. Narendra Kumar Dr. Rohini Khurana
2007 Dr. Tabassum Dr. Manpreet Tiwana
2008 Dr. Sayan Kundu Dr. Pooja Nandwani
2009 Dr. Rahul Krishitry Dr. Sayan Paul
2010 Dr. Sujith Kumar Dr. Abhishek Gulia
2011 Dr. Bhaswanth Dhanireddy Dr. Ajeet Gandhi
2012 Dr. Sandip Barik Dr. Ashwanthy Susan Mathew
2013 Dr. Dhanraj Dhoke Dr. Ritam Joader
2014 Dr. Archya Das Gupta Dr. Vijay Karan Reddy
2015 Dr. Sanketh Kotne Dr. Sathiya K
2016 Dr. Rishabh Sansi Dr. Vibhay Pareek
2017 Dr. Narayan Adhikari Dr. Nivedita Sarkar
2018 Dr. Shipra Gupta Dr. Y Susheel Kumar
2019 Dr Treshita Dey Dr Ankita Mehta
1995 Dr. PGG Kurup
1999 Dr. KJ Maria Das
2005 Dr. Dayanand Sharma
2006 Mr. Anil Kumar Maurya
2007 Mr. Anurupa Mahata Dr. A. Sarkar, BHU Varnasi
2008 Mr. H.M.T Thomas Dr. Rohini Khurana
2009 Dr. Timothy Peace Dr. Robin Khosa
2010 Mr. C. Savan Kumar Dr. Shyam Singh Bisht
2011 Dr. Rajesh Kinhikar Amitab Roy
2012 Dr. Senthil Kumar Dr. Saikat Das
2013 Mr. Amrinder Chhabra Dr. Chandani Hotwani
2014 Mr. Ebnezer Dr. Rajnigandha
2015 Dr. Kartik Patro Dr. Sagar Gayakwad
2016 Dr. Abhijit Mandal Dr. Supriya Mallick
2017 Dr. Senthil Kumar Dr. Harjot Bajwa
2018 Mr. Balbir Singh Dr. Priyamavada Gupta
2019 Mr Balbir Singh Dr Rishab kumar
2016 Dr. Sudhir Singh (KGMU – Lucknow)
2017 Dr. Bhaskar Vishwanathan
2018 Dr. Gautam K Sharan (MNB Cancer I&H – Pune)
2019 Dr Madhup Rastogi (RMLIMs – Lucknow)

Dr. Kanhu Charan Patro (MGCH&RI – V patnam)

2016 Dr. Deepak Abrol (GMC – Jammu)
2017 Dr. Robin Khosa (Apollo Hospital – New Delhi)
2018 Dr. Manjinder Singh Sidhu (Max Hospital – Bathinda)
2019 Dr. Supriya Mallick (AIIMS – New Delhi)